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Posiflex Showcases New Mobile POS, POS Terminal and Kiosk at RETAILTECH JAPAN 2017


TAIPEI, Taiwan Posiflex Technology, Inc., a global leading brand in the design and manufacture of POS solutions and peripherals, will showcase its newest products at RETAILTECH JAPAN: 10” mobile POS, 15" POS terminal and 21.5” & 32” self-service kiosks for retailers at all sizes.

These new solutions are:

MT-4310W: 10” Patented Hybrid Mobile POS (U.S. Patent 9436226 B2)

Posiflex will be highlighting its new 10” “Wintel” mobile POS – the MT-4310W on the spot. The tablet is built tough with Gorilla Glass touch panel, and optimized for outdoor use with sunlight readable feature. It can also add optional built-in EMV chip card reader to take electronic payments. A U.S. patent has been granted to MT Series for its unique hybrid design- transforming a tablet into a pistol grip barcode reader, then an all-in-one POS. The MT Series is ideal for line-busting, inventory management, mobile payment and customer engagement.

XT-5315: 15” Foldable Fanless POS Terminal

Posiflex will also introduce its new flagship POS terminal, the fanless XT-5315 with patented foldable base that could be configured into “Flat Folded Mode”, “Low Profile Mode” or “Full Extended Mode” offering unrivalled flexibility for retailers. Featuring a 15” PCAP touchscreen, the XT-5315 offers the multiple CPU selection from Intel Celeron to Core i3 to provide scalable performance. Its terminal base has an upgraded option – patented GEN8E base that comes with PoweredUSB, backup battery, and /or eight-port USB hub for a clutter-free POS station.

KK Series – 21.5” & 32” Self-Service Kiosks

Available in 21.5” (KK-2130 Series) or 32” (KK-3200 Series) touchscreen display, the KK Series provides the flexibility to configure a unique kiosk to meet each unique business and environmental needs. It has multiple mounting options: free-standing pedestal or countertop for the KK-2130 Series; pole or wall mounted for the KK-3200 Series. The unit can be customized with integrated options including EMV payment devices, scanners, receipt / ticket printers, and more. Applications include restaurants, hospitality, retail, cinemas, and transportation.

Owen Chen, President and CEO at Posiflex Technology, Inc. comments, “Our agility has kept us ahead of the competition, and developed the new industry-changing technologies. From hybrid mobile POS solutions to the acquisition of KIOSK Information Systems, the leading expert in the market of interactive kiosks, Posiflex has built up the strongest product portfolio in the global POS market. We are pleased to be at RETAILTECH JAPAN this year to demonstrate these newest solutions, which are built upon our 30+ years of experience in retail industry.”

Additional Posiflex’s lineup includes:

Posiflex adds the new HS-3514W to its HS Series of all-in-one POS terminals for retail businesses where space is at premium. Featuring a 14” touchscreen display, the HS-3514W employs an Intel J1900 CPU and integrates with built-in 3” thermal printer. As peripherals, it offers optional WIFI, Fingerprint Sensor, MSR, RFID, 2D barcode scanner.

The latest AURA-7600 is a 3” square shaped thermal printer with front-loading mechanism for flexible deployment. It can shine brilliantly with up to 8,000 different color combinations, and different display modes with its optional lighting attachment LD-2000.


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